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 Consultant and Professor, Surgery & Surgical Oncology , I was born on 19th May, 1959, in Lucknow, I am a hardcore Lucknow lover! Did my schooling from Christ Church School, St Anne’s (Boys section of Loreto), and St Fransic.10th from Mahanagar Boys School in 76 and intermediate from Lucknow Christian College in 78

Professional Qualification and Career

Completed MBBS from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune in 82 and subsequently did MS (General Surgery) from AFMC,toping Pune University and later did training in Surgical Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai from 95-97.

Initialy worked at Abohar9punjab),Kolkata,Binaguri and finaly a four year long stint at Srinagar. The tenure at Srinagar was the most wonderful time of my life, professionally, domestically and socially. Did over thousand surgeries in each year, and over 60% of these were Trauma surgery on insurgency victims of Srinagar for which I was awarded Vishisht Seva Medal by the President of India.

After two years fellowship in Surgical oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital,mumbai (95-97) i have worked as HOD Surgical Oncology and HOD Oncology centre of various prestigios hospitals at Lucknow,Delhi,Pune and Kolkata.

Have written several articles which have been published in national and international journals, and have contributed several articles and chapters for handbooks of Surgery and Surgical Oncology.Have edited and complied seven Handbooks of Oncology,five Handbooks of treatment Protocols in Oncology and two handbooks of Surgery. Have organized ten national conferences, Updates and CMEs over last ten years and have been post graduate teacher of Pune, Delhi and Lucknow and west Bengal University  for MS and DNB Surgical Oncology.Am guide for ICMR and mCI inspector.Presently the Editorial Secretary of the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology and member of the National Cancer Grid

My Passions and Hobbies

Surgery, Writing, Academics, Studying, Teaching, Making friends, Stage ,Event Management and Communicating are few of my passions of life . My hobbies are reading, movies, music, socializing, cooking ,gardeningand craftwork.

My Friends

Am very lucky to have a large number of friends of all ages and from both genders, and they are my most priced possession of life. Friendship with many is over four decades now, and I am constantly adding new ones, to this never ending list of dear friends of mine

My Strengths and Weaknesses

Am a simple, hardworking, sincere person with great respect for Indian culture and values of life. With a great sense of devotion to my patients and profession, I am a stickler for punctuality and discipline. Simplicity, planning and respect for time are my key to success. Sharing love and decreasing pain of people around is my small mission in life. I am sensitive, emotional, dependable and a faithful friend. Intellectual interaction and bonding are my forte. Respect to my surroundings, property and people around me is the principle of my life. Am however a little impatient, stubborn, pessimists .at times short tempered and may be a little orthodox! .  . . . . . and Sanju cant sing saala!

Lessons and Motto Of Life

Spreading love and Happiness is the motto of my life !

-Don’t tell the world what you can do-JUST DO IT!
-Family is where one finally belongs to-so stay as close to it, as possible
-Live and Let Live !
-After the age of 25, everyone should return 25% of his, knowledge, resources, earnings, time and skill to the family, institute, organization, society and profession.
-Being good is the most expensive hobby of life, but it is still worth it!

My Blog

My blog is basically a reflection of my stray thoughts, on myself and my views about the world around me. They will be on current affairs, philosophy, mythology, social trends, sex, love and relationships, movies, politics, academics, inter and intrapersonal relationship and at times about sweet nothings. Look forward to your active indulgence in form of an ongoing, healthy and intellectual interaction

My Recent encounter



and I have commited to spend the rest of my life in extending my hand in to take ahead the missions of the Foundation nad the Parmarth Aasram of Rishikesh,under guidance of Poojniye Swamijee

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