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 SHAME GAME !! The Assam Molestation Case has not only once again lowered the head of all Indian men, but has blatantly showed how badly our system, including the police law and politicians handle such issues. (ASSAM MOLESTATION CASE,INDIA TODAY,July 30,2012) It has also broken the myth that east is more tolerant and open minded and safe for the female clan. There was a time when Delhi roads were notorious for being unsafe for woman but now it seems that women and girls are unsafe all over the country, including the broad minded North East and the South, which is known for its high civic sense. Women of all ages ,from all socio economic strata and from any profession, are unsafe on the streets, at workplace and even at home,…
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Males Bond !! After a row of nonsensical movies, it was a real respites and a great delight watching ZNMD ! Hindi cinema has come a long way from the time when a simple love story or a love triangle was presented in four hours ending with marriage or death of the second hero, to a time where the stress is not on the story, but on life, emotion and above all inter and intrapersonal relationships. The stories today in good movies are real, which raise questions in one’s mind and give answers to many queries of one’s life. ZNMD is another such movie revolving around the lives of three friends .Based on similar lines of that of Dil chahta hai & Three idiots, somewhere this, seemed to touch the…
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I Am-Grey in life

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THE GREY IN LIFE ! While we were all too busy, enjoying the four letter words of Delhi Belly and admiring the return of the angry old ( oops........young)man in Budha Hoga Tera Baap,a lovely art movie from parallel cinema, I Am came and went, unsung, unheard and may be unseen ,like so many other good art films. Like Seven Feathers, I Am too is a collection of four independent stories where the director has touched four burning socio-legal issues which really don’t have a right or wrong answer and are far beyond the Black and White shades of life, but their cause, effects, implications and solutions ,all are grey. The movie has beautifully touched the various aspects of four very pertinent contemporary issues ,Single mother, Jammu and Kashmir issue,…
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THE MISUNDERSTOOD MALE !!!!!!!!!!! Since the time of Adam and Eve, there have been certain misconceptions about the Men! The general image, on man has always that of a emotionless ,ruthless, unromantic, insensitive and irresponsible human being, who loves to be left to himself, or with his male friends ,to enjoy his sports and TV and hates going out, partying and shopping, who is having a ball of a time, in the family, at the cost of the women, and all that this sex-maniac expects from a woman is sex and more sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all my sincere regards to all the caring, sensitive and emotional ladies, and my respect for their concerned love ,I shall try to touch this eternal story of the GENDER MYTHS ,and at least try to…
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Changing emotions   Emotions in relationships, are undergoing an obvious change these days, with a sense of casualness creeping in, specially in some women, who think that they should treat men as they are ,  carefree, unreliable and unemotional, a reputation that they have unluckily had since eternity!      The women who get into these temporary relations, where they use men and company as a post-dinner commodity, to be used and discarded are confused and insecure. In their new Avtaar of liberated women, they really don’t know what they want from a relation or from a man, they are doing this just for the heck of it and there is nothing emotional about it.    The emotions of a man have always been misunderstood. Men are as emotional as…
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DADDY -O-DADDY ! It is heartening to see that a day has been earmarked for dads as well,as Fathers day,as there is a Mothers Day !   The role of a father in a child's life has gone a revolutionary change in the last two decades or so,and has almost broken the water tight compartmentalization,that existed between the roles of mom and dad !   But  be it his previous role,or the new avtaar,one person and relation,that has been the biggest victim of the gender bias,has been the Father !And this has come down since eternity,in mythology,literature,stories and poetry.Even Bollywood has not been left behind in this discrimination,as while there are innumerable movies and songs on Ma ki mamta,there are hardly any on Pita ka pyaar !   Without undermining…
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Suicide Of Womanhood

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Suicide of womanhood   I am a great admirer of woman and have immense respect for her. I am also all the way ,for their upliftment and empowerment But without sounding like a MCP,I cannot resist but say,that many woman are actually going overboard Under the umbrella of woman-lib,modernization,advancement,woman-empowerment and equality,some of the women of today is going bonkers.They are running nonstop with a sole aim of leaving man behind,at an unimaginable pace,to destinations unknown and goals undefined. Suddenly the battle has become more important than the victory-point,which she herself does not know. Education,equality,self-dependency are all worth encouraging ,but the means being used are often wrong In trying to compete with the man ,the women at times  forgot that they need not ape him to do so. She need not wear pants,drink,smoke,hash.use abusive language ,…
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Long way to go !   Its a bit too early to celebrate the cause of gays and lesbians in attaining an identity in India. The  Gay Parades held at Mumbai and Delhi in quick succession last year,were successful ,but not as it was expected   It had more of fanfare than the cause,and this is the fear for such events in future too. The cause of creating an awareness about the rights of gays,should not get diluted by the glamour show ! The battle should not become more important than the goal !! The Gay parade should not become carnivals and above all the darkness around the gays should not get overshadowed by the presence of glitterati!!!!   The biggest surprise is to see that Homosexuals(gays) and transsexuals(Hijras) are clubbed…
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Knowing yourself is the initial mandatory requirement,rather than loving oneself,before you love another To love self or to love someone else,it is essential that one knows oneself well, The knowledge of our strengths,our weaknesses,our capability of adjustments,sharing, cooperation and our ability to accept the others is the basic reqirement to start any relationship, We must know the expectations we have,if any ,in that relationship and our limitations to go into a relationship with someone supirior or less privelaged than us,without getting complexed For this interoception and spending time with oneself,analysing ones own views is a must. Loving oneself can follow but only after we know ourselves well and this should be done cautiously,Loving oneself without knowing self can be dangerous.Once we start loving ourselves then it becomes difficult to adjust…
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the male show  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am surprised and disagree with the inclusion of Guys and Skin Show,in the list of odd couplesin the latest issue of THE WEEK<with a cover story on odd Couples ! By doing so,we sem to be going against Gender Equality! If the men get their share of entertainment with sizzling Suzis setting the screen on fire,why should the woman be deprived of seeing their favorite heroes bare chested or better still,draped in a slippery towel??????????? Aren't Playgirl magazines as popular as Playboys? And aren't the Feminas and Cosmopolitans as vivid a guide as Kamasutra itself?? Though the  cabarets are on the decline and the dance bars closed,Kitty parties with full Monty are quite in vogue,specially in Mumbai! If woman can do all what men…
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