Divine Diwali

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DIWALI WITH A DIFFERANCE ! Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India, and is celebrated in almost all states, and by all, with great fever and festivity every year ! Diwali is not just a day affair but has festivals for five days in a row. Dhanteras- Dhanteras is celebrated two days before diwali, and is a festival for businessmen, and is celebrated with shopping in decorated markets.......mainly of Gold, silver, clothes, utensils and household goods. Narka Chaudas- This comes a day before Diwali, and is commonly celebrated as Choti diwali. This is a day to clean and decorate the houses (whitewashing is done in advance, and usually around Diwali) and special cleaning of the body too. Diwali- Main Diwali day is celebrated as Laxmi Poojan.......Ganesh and Laxmi…
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INDIAN HERITAGE RESEARCH FOUNDATION, Mythology, Parmarth Ashram Rishikheth, religion, sprituality, Swamy Chidanand
THE DIVINE ENCOUNTER It often happens that a man hitting for silver hits upon gold...........but it almost never happens that when you are looking for nothing, you find diamond! This is what exactly happened to me on 13th October this year, at Rishikesh when I had the privileged luck to meet Swamy Chidanand  Saraswati, the founder of India Heritage Research Foundation, at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram. In my life of over five decades, by the blessings of my parents, grace of God, guidance from teachers, love from family and support from my innumerable friends and well wishers, by all social parameters, I have done well and cannot complain. In academics, profession, career, family, social front and all other fields one can say, that I have been sailing smoothly. In spite…
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