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ETERNAL MASTI !!   It was a pleasure to learn that Akhilesh Tiwari was making a movie on the erstwhile famous and popular Mastram !(Elusive Erotica –THE WEEK,April 13,2014) Mastram was one of the most popular names with which all youngsters of yester years have grown and the mastram series of books were the first to introduce and welcome every normal young man to the ever existing vast world of porn literature.   From sixties to nineties and may be before and after that, Mastrams were read in every professional college, much more than the course books and had an unparalleled contributions in bringing alive the erotic imagination of every youngster. Besides giving immense pleasure Mastram successfully created a sense of bonding and groupfun, better than any other means or…
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SHINNING SUNNY Wonder why Shobha De is surprised at the acceptance of Sunny Leone, the super porn star, by Indians as a Bollywood actress.( Sunny Side Up-The Sexes-THE WEEK,April 13,2014) Indians have always been famous at opening their arms and hearts to one and all, be it invaders or intruders and are easy in forgetting the past, even to accept a Bandit queen like Phoolan Devi as a politician…..and Ekta has very wisely exploited this quality of us Indians to cast Sunny in Ragni MMS II ,because Leone with her assets, will happily be welcummed by one and all.  Kuddos to Sunny not only for carrying herself so confidently and conducting herself with dignity, but also for giving her profession of acting in porn movies, a credibility and lifting it…
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SEX-The Unutterable Word : HEIGHT OF HYPOCRICY!!!! It’s shocking to see yet another blow on freedom of expression on views and on journalism with a recent book of Wendy Dongier, titled, The Hindus: An alternative History, being banned from publication and circulation in India, by efforts of so called Hindutva-vadis. (Religion hotter than Sex-The Week,April 06,2014) The reason being that Dinanath Batra ,a retired teacher and his team thought that the authoress had approached the Hindu scriptures with a sexual scanner. Wonder why Sex is still considered a taboo and the unutterable word. Can life ever be separated from sex? Sex forms an integral part of all living beings including humans and is a basic instinct and a normal physiological need like hunger and thirst. Sex and sexuality can never…
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  HELL IN HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prevalence of all forms of crimes and sexual abuse in religious institutes is nothing new ,but the horrifying stories from the Churches of Kerala (Sex, Scandal & the Church-Cover story, OUTLOOK, July 25,2012) literally sent shivers up my spine. If this is the state of sexual activities in the homes of God, supposedly close to heaven , then one wonders, what hell would be? And if drinking, womanizing, indulging in pornography and unacceptable sexual indulgence is the code of conduct of these guardians of religion, then one wonders what would be a poise life for a common man. All this is however not new. Power games, financial rackets and sexual scandals are well known not only in Churches but in establishments of all religions.…
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I Am-Grey in life

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THE GREY IN LIFE ! While we were all too busy, enjoying the four letter words of Delhi Belly and admiring the return of the angry old ( oops........young)man in Budha Hoga Tera Baap,a lovely art movie from parallel cinema, I Am came and went, unsung, unheard and may be unseen ,like so many other good art films. Like Seven Feathers, I Am too is a collection of four independent stories where the director has touched four burning socio-legal issues which really don’t have a right or wrong answer and are far beyond the Black and White shades of life, but their cause, effects, implications and solutions ,all are grey. The movie has beautifully touched the various aspects of four very pertinent contemporary issues ,Single mother, Jammu and Kashmir issue,…
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The population on the net world or the virtual world is increasing everyday and so is the insecurity and irritation of the remaining world which seems to be overreacting to social networking and Cyber-relationships Social Networking in any form is a healthy past time, if done without compromising on work and family .Its a great destressor and can be indulged into, at any place, without any major infrastructure. It is not only a great and simple means of staying in touch with family, relatives and friends but one not only makes a large number of new virtual friends, who often become real friends, but gets aware of what’s happening in the world. You can voice your thoughts, discuss problems and express your views. Doing this often solves many personal issues…
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THE MISUNDERSTOOD MALE !!!!!!!!!!! Since the time of Adam and Eve, there have been certain misconceptions about the Men! The general image, on man has always that of a emotionless ,ruthless, unromantic, insensitive and irresponsible human being, who loves to be left to himself, or with his male friends ,to enjoy his sports and TV and hates going out, partying and shopping, who is having a ball of a time, in the family, at the cost of the women, and all that this sex-maniac expects from a woman is sex and more sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all my sincere regards to all the caring, sensitive and emotional ladies, and my respect for their concerned love ,I shall try to touch this eternal story of the GENDER MYTHS ,and at least try to…
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ARUSHI MURDER CASE--------------HONOUR KILLING !!!!!!!!! Honour Killing is the latest fade in India and almost tops the list of existing social evils. After the so called encounter deaths, Honour Killings are the in-thing. Indians are very good at picking up and emulating bad things and that is exactly what has been happening in the last few years Honour killing is a death punishment given to someone by the family of the local panchayat or villagers for bringing shame to the family, clan or the village. It was earlier being used as a local punishment for someone who was a serial crimnal, a thief, a conspirater, a rapist or a murderer. But gradually its significance got diluted and it is being used for trivial crimes like eve teasing,wearing western clothes, girls…
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Pre Teenage Sex -Is official now !!!!!!!! I am not a very avid newspaper reader, but do go through the first and Editorial pages and that too in the afternoon.How ever I do glance through the headlines, as I gulp down my morning milk shake every day. Today I almost choked over it, when I read that in Chennai the state has submitted a bill to legalize sex at the age of 12. Even me, who considers himself very open minded and who dares to discuss the unspoken, in all forums, was really shocked. I have always supported sex education, by the right person, in phased manner, at right time to right extent, but this is something I could never imagine in my wildest of dreams. While we are still…
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REALITY SUCKS !!!!!!!!!! Someone asked an artist,which is your best painting,and he replied,the next ! This realy applies to Amir Khan.............he never stops surprising you,with a movie better than his last best! and he has done it again in Dhobhi Ghat.Though the movie is the directorial debut of his wife,Kiran Rao,and even though he has been raving about it being the first movie where a wife,directed her husband,one can clearly see impressions of Amir's direction,besides his mega prescence,all over the movie. Dhobhi Ghat flopped miserably at the box office,and wasnt liked much by most, mainly because it was unlike the routine,Bollywood movies,simple.stark,hiting right in the face and sans all masala................even documentaries are more glamorous these days.It was extremely bland with no glamour or melodrama with verything being underplayed,Just a few…
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