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Intercast Weddings !!! Two States is a simple clean sweet and entertaining movie, based on Chetan Bhagats’s Novel of the same title. The book and the movie have tackled the issue of intercast weddings in India and their acceptability in our society. Since I had not only read the book but found it Chetans one of the best, I could relate with the movie better and with greater acceptance. India and the society, more so in north India ,has moved a long way over the last two decades to accept inter cast weddings and have even started accepting inter religion weddings. It’s a welcome change and while till few years back inter cast weddings always meant love marriages, today we are seeing plenty of arranged inter caste marriages too. In…
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ETERNAL MASTI !!   It was a pleasure to learn that Akhilesh Tiwari was making a movie on the erstwhile famous and popular Mastram !(Elusive Erotica –THE WEEK,April 13,2014) Mastram was one of the most popular names with which all youngsters of yester years have grown and the mastram series of books were the first to introduce and welcome every normal young man to the ever existing vast world of porn literature.   From sixties to nineties and may be before and after that, Mastrams were read in every professional college, much more than the course books and had an unparalleled contributions in bringing alive the erotic imagination of every youngster. Besides giving immense pleasure Mastram successfully created a sense of bonding and groupfun, better than any other means or…
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SHINNING SUNNY Wonder why Shobha De is surprised at the acceptance of Sunny Leone, the super porn star, by Indians as a Bollywood actress.( Sunny Side Up-The Sexes-THE WEEK,April 13,2014) Indians have always been famous at opening their arms and hearts to one and all, be it invaders or intruders and are easy in forgetting the past, even to accept a Bandit queen like Phoolan Devi as a politician…..and Ekta has very wisely exploited this quality of us Indians to cast Sunny in Ragni MMS II ,because Leone with her assets, will happily be welcummed by one and all.  Kuddos to Sunny not only for carrying herself so confidently and conducting herself with dignity, but also for giving her profession of acting in porn movies, a credibility and lifting it…
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SEX-The Unutterable Word : HEIGHT OF HYPOCRICY!!!! It’s shocking to see yet another blow on freedom of expression on views and on journalism with a recent book of Wendy Dongier, titled, The Hindus: An alternative History, being banned from publication and circulation in India, by efforts of so called Hindutva-vadis. (Religion hotter than Sex-The Week,April 06,2014) The reason being that Dinanath Batra ,a retired teacher and his team thought that the authoress had approached the Hindu scriptures with a sexual scanner. Wonder why Sex is still considered a taboo and the unutterable word. Can life ever be separated from sex? Sex forms an integral part of all living beings including humans and is a basic instinct and a normal physiological need like hunger and thirst. Sex and sexuality can never…
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Celebrating Singledom !!!!! QUEEN is yet another movie on a women oriented theme, emphasising Woman Empowerment!  A well made, entertaining, good movie. The story of the movie revolves around a small town girl Rani, (hence the name Queen) from Rajouri in J & K. The girl is engaged to the son of her father’s friend, an engineering student but after he completes his studies he goes abroad and changes his mind, and calls the engagement off, on the eve of the marriage, as he feels that the girl is not of his standard. The girl is crestfallen but gets great support from her family including the grandmother and she decides to go to Paris and Amstradam, on her honeymoon tickets. There she meets and makes friends of both genders and…
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LUNCHBOX Revisited

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Lunch Box REVISITED! LUNCHBOX appears a virtual love story on surface, but to my small mind it appears that it has tackled many other issues like, marriage, virtual relationships, aging and the universal principle of “life goes on” The movie has been a little harsh on married life or may be that, that is the black truth about it, in today’s time, that we are not willing to accept. There are five circumstances of marriage in the movie, the mans, the lady’s, the auntys, the lady’s parents and the man’s junior’s. The man is a widower, and lives a boring monotonous life, within the social norms, where sorrow and solitude has been brought in his life by death of the spouse. In the second instance, in the marriage of the…
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BEASTS DONT NEED HUMAN TREATMENT !!   Agree with most of what Angolie Ela Menon, has expressed in her article, The Violated Body, (Outlook, Feb 18,2013) Rape in itself is a heinous crime, but some rapes are exceptionally ghastly. while she has placed rape by father ,second on the list, I feel that it should not only top the list of these worst of worst act,but should stand alone in the list, as nothing can even reach it, in terms of its ugliness !And there is no doubt that even hanging is less for such criminals. Its sad to note that such rapes and those by other male family members, relatives, neighbours and family are very common and go unreported due to social stigma and  the threat of the rapist…
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CROSSROADS CROSSED ! Anna ,along with his small team and meagre resources, surfaced two years back as The Saviour for the common man to fight the ailing government machinery and to clean India from corruption.( At a Crossroads, OUTLOOK, Aug 13,2012) But the very context of move Anna has changed overnight, since the article went to the press and till the issue of OUTLOOK reached the reader The Anna movement has a very noble mission and got an unexpected overwhelming response, with Anna being called Today’s Gandhi, but the following dwindled gradually. The reasons for this are many and expected. The approach and means was not very democratic or mature. Holding government to ransom by fasting over ultra short deadlines, is not the way to bring changes .Revolutions don’t happen…
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N D TEWARI-Paternity case

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A Dad is born ! Normally we get news of the birth of a child, but this has been a rare case where Rohit Sehgal, informed the world about his newly born father !More than the world I think the eunuchs would have been confused as to where to go for their customary N D Tiwari or to Rohit (Papa, don’t preach, the Sexes, THE WEEK, Aug 12,2012) N D Tiwari, the octogenarian ,is well known for his shady and sleazy activities, being clicked in an orgy with nude nymphets, few years back , in a string operation and the old stud would have fathered many such illegimate children. And there are thousands of Tiwaris in our society who leave innumerable Rohits, alone in this wicked world, to live…
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WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO? In the race to modernize, the present generation is drifting away from our rich culture and Mythology, a fact very well observed by Mallika Sarabhai( Cat with a Nose Ring, THE WEEK, Aug 12,2012) Westernization started about five decades back and in fact in the seventies, one of the very common topics for essays in examinations used to “Westernization-A Curse or a Boon” and since then we have been running nonstop to unidentified destinations and for a new identity .We have been running nonstop and without seeing back and in fact have gone very far, to a stage where the present generation is hardly Indian and in fact have an identity crisis as they definitely don’t have an exclusive new identity. What they have ,is…
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