IMPORTED IS VALUABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Indians have always been fascinated by imported stuff,even if it is made in India,and then sold from the footpaths of Singapore or the Duty free shops of Dubai with  different labels.But it has been proved beyond doubt now,that it is not only firangi products that are valued high,,but even  a foreigners death is valued more than the lives of common  Indians!
Heartiest congratulations to India,USA,Pakistan and to all the peace loving humans on this earth at the arrest of Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi ,the mastermind behind the Mumbai carnage,by Pakistani raids,yesterday(TOI,Dec 09,2008).This is probably  the first major positive step,towards our battle against this global terrorism.But what saddens me,is the fact,that hundreds and thousands of people including innumerable innocent women and children,have died over the last two decades in the valley and during other terrorist  attacks in India,but nothing was done about it,at the international level.In spite of not only indirect innuendoes,but even when there were direct evidence of the terrorists being trained,camped and aided by Pakistan,all we got as a support from USA was lip service,and that too,only on our land.It is the death of few foreigners in India,during the attack,that shook USA and the world,to force Pakistan to take firm action against the concerned masterminds of the havoc rendering attacks.
My heart bleeds for all those who lost their lives,including our foreign tourists,during the recent Mumbai blasts,but it seems their sacrifice has not gone waste.By dying in those blasts ,they have shattered the slumber of the world and their painful shrieks have penetrated the deafness of the  powers to be,  and compelled USA to force Pakistan to take the much desired and awaited steps to stop patronizing terrorism ,officially or unofficially!
Lets hope that the welcome arrest of this dreaded monster,chachu,is the beginning towards a new dawn to a peaceful day,without the fear of blasts and gunshots and the death of those hundreds who lost their lives in the latest horrifying terrorist attack,prevents the further  loss of innocent lives ,from the hands of terrorists,in future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr Sanjay Kapoor,  Lucknow 

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