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Gulab Gang was an utter disappointment……more so since a lot was expected not only from the movie but from two super heroines from yesteryears.

Based on the Gulabi Gang, a social group of women, fighting for women cause and standing against atrocities on women, in north India over last decade or so, the movie twisted a social cause into a political tussle between the leader of the Gulab Gang, played by Madhuri and the widow of the local politician, depicted on screen by Juhi Chawla.

The stand for social reforms and the fight for women empowerment were sadly thrown well in the background and the movie concentrated on an ugly, poorly depicted twisted political battle. The gimmicks used were time old ones of robbery, hooliganism, rape, vandalism, murder, elicit liquor and similar outdated pranks. The movie was like any other substandard village level political battle of many flop movies.

With a weak story line, old stereotyped plot, unimpressive screenplay and impact less dialogues the complete movie was poorly handled. There was no authenticity of the story, locale, language and dialect. In spite of Madhuri in the lead role, the music and dance were nothing to carry home and the direction, cinematography and editing left lots to be desired. Disappointingly Madhuri and Juhi, both were unimpressive..Madhuri miserably failed to pick up the dialect and master the dialogue delivery in the local dialect, creating a very unwelcome impression. Both of them have proved that super stars and great heroines need not be great actors…….Shabana Azmi and Supriya pathak would have been a much better choice….either of them could have done justice to either of the roles. The producer and the director failed to encash on the popularity and name and fame of two mega female stars Madhuri and Juhi faulted miserably to carry the movie and defeated the purpose for which they were chosen.

Am surprised that Gulab Gang or any other Woman activist group did not sue the movie for distorting the very basis and aim of the Gulab Gang and giving the social movement an ugly violent political twist.

Yet another movie which proves how bad our cinemakers are at telling a true story.

Sanjay Kapoor   Delhi

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