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Since the time of Adam and Eve, there have been certain misconceptions about the Men! The general image, on man has always that of a emotionless ,ruthless, unromantic, insensitive and irresponsible human being, who loves to be left to himself, or with his male friends ,to enjoy his sports and TV and hates going out, partying and shopping, who is having a ball of a time, in the family, at the cost of the women, and all that this sex-maniac expects from a woman is sex and more sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With all my sincere regards to all the caring, sensitive and emotional ladies, and my respect for their concerned love ,I shall try to touch this eternal story of the GENDER MYTHS ,and at least try to partially break the harsh image of the male gender, in several aspects of life.

Men are very sensitive,caring and emotional,though the ways of expressing may be different and less obvious than the woman. And YES, men cry too! But they are judicious with their feelings and tears and save them for appropriate and deserving moments!!Forgetting dates, or not rattling the expected three worded 143s four times a day, does not make them unromantic. They have their subtle ways of expressing love and romance, which usually goes unnoticed by their better half, who lack the ability to read in between lines, and are deaf to the unsaid sweet nothings! But men are not just saintly goody-goody either. They love gossiping, bitching and even plotting!

Men don’t dislike shopping, but they hate window shopping! They would not only accompany women for shopping but actually enjoy meaningful shopping for the seasonal wardrobe for the entire family, gifts on festivals and occasions, and even the monthly grocery or the weekly poultry, but they actually hate mundane, compulsive shopping, especially if further poisoned with queuing for unrequired purchases at sales and involving futile haggling.

Men make better friends, with a meaningful bonding which can last for a life-time and love socializing too, but with people, they gel with. One thing that they cant do is small talk and mixing ,more for a social cause and would rather enjoy an intelligent interactive conversation, than a party full of pretentious page 3 celebrities.

Men are good home makers too,and generally contribute significantly in the running of the house by rendering all possible help to the working wife. They are undoubtedly as loving and doting a parent as the mother can be, and I wouldn’t hesitate in adding that not only they contribution significantly in the upbringing a child, their role as a father is often more challenging than the mother, specially during the teens and the adulthood of the children.

With working women, being almost the norm, women are sharing a great deal of the financial load, but the man generally shoulders a bigger share of the stress and overall responsibility of creating a compatible and congenial balance between the work places, home,family and society and in the settlement and future of the kids

Lastly coming to the biggest accusation, that the man faces of being perpetually sex starved. I agree.men love sex. and enjoy it, and find it to be a great tension buster, but unlike the women they are man enough, to accept it openly. Woman need and enjoy sex, as much if not more and have their shares of desires, fantasies and even indulgence, but its just they want to keep it, within their heart, or max within the bedroom!

Men have been a misunderstood lot, and shall continue to be so, and after some time they just give up and stop worrying about their indifferent and in sensitive image or doing anything to change it. But on behalf of all the men,I would like to tell the ladies, that most husbands love their wives a hundred times more than what they can show or express and definitely a thousand time more than what the wives think !



  • Anand mishra

    a great piece…. I must say…
    the root cause of all the evil starts from the way the male and female brains of our species have involved…. (if m not wrng).
    a man’s brain has been scientifically proven to be target oriented or a “hunter brain”…. we can focus and complete one task at a time and that too in a manner much better than a lady…
    a woman’s brain is supposed to be endowed with the capacity to “multi-focus”….. she can chop vegetable, talk on a phone and simultaneously listen to a conversation going on it the drawing room…. all at the same time!! which we men can’t…
    its all in the brain…..

    for further details plz refer “why men lie and women cry” by allan pease….. (if by chance u havent read it)…..

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