The last three days were a nightmare,not only for Mumbai or India but for every peace loving human on this earth.
The ordeal is over and even as life at Mumbai is returning to normalcy,the aftermath of the incident is being felt gradually and the impact is sinking in now – a constant sense of scare and insecurity in the minds of every man.There has been a great loss of a large number of lives,innumerable  people injured and unimaginable loss or property ,but the biggest success of the attack,has been the successful declaration of the birth of a new religion-Global terrorism, which has created a perpetual dread .The blasts are over but the louder sound of fear being echoed from all directions is that terrorism is here to stay!
The attacks were in India,but had an international impact,as they were aimed against the complete world and the entire humanity.Most ,or rather all of the attackers and the attackers of other terrorist attacks may be from a particular religion,but this is neither  Hindu-Muslim,nor India-Pak and not even concerning the Kashmir issue.These terrorists have no religion and belong to no country.Terrorists were earlier recognized as  uneducated,familyless,poor homeless people dressed in a camouflage daangree,but the present set,has broken all socio-religious,and geopolitical boundaries and stretches through  all economic and educational strata.It is neither a group,nor an organization,but a community of fanatics that runs probably in crores in numbers,includes technical professionals and is composed of psychopaths armed with the unbeatable weapon of suicidal determination.
The Mumbai crisis ,which was one of the worst terrorist attack on the country ever,was commendably overcome by the NSG,Mumbai Police and the Armed Forces along with the unclenching support of the staff of Oberoi and Taj hotels,local agencies and the energetic Mumbaites.What was conspicuous was the lack of any pre rehearsed plan to combat such  terrorist attacks,and the luke warm reaction and almost impotent role of the politicians,government and the so called guardians of the country and specially Mumbai! The operations are over,but the trouble is not.It can recur,anywhere and even in a worse and bigger magnitude and each one of us has to be prepared to face and fight it. But a bigger issue is to end this global terrorism.
The Jihadi mind set,meticulous planning,intensive training,perfect execution ,unlimited armentaterium along with the ever increasing strength in numbers,and the unimaginable pace of growth of this global terrorism is an international matter of great concern.Driven by the in human fanatism and blindfolded by the religious motivation,the terrorists are acting like puppets,on the directions of few,to unknown destinations and towards undefined goals.I,with my small brains,fail to understand the motive behind it.Is it the revenge of the past,struggle of today,or insecurity for the future?
After every such attack,the first thing that we do,is talk of lax security,and as a knee jerk action,increase it,for the next few days.
But this is far from adequate.The in depth information available with them and the comprehensive scheming can break any security circle.What is required today is to reach the cause of the terrorism and its motive,and a very effective fool-proof system to counteract such an attack with minimal damage.
Security has to be enhanced but above all ,Anti Terrorism should become an International affair.It needs to be handled either by a special newly created branch in the UNO or a separate International Anti terrorist Agency to fight this lethal demon.Besides combining intelligence and improvising security measures,the agency should derive and create prompt and effective anti terrorism plans and simultaneously try to reach at the cause of it,and attempt to solve it with international intervening and dialogue. At national level anti-terrorism should become a major issue for all governments,with minimum a ministry status,with adequate funds and resources.
And above all,every individual besides being vigilant,should stay away from such fanatism,motivate people against it,avoid any instigation ,and above all be a responsible citizen of humanity to fight terrorism.
Dr Sanjay Kapoor Lucknow

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