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Pre Teenage Sex -Is official now !!!!!!!!

I am not a very avid newspaper reader, but do go through the first and Editorial pages and that too in the afternoon.How ever I do glance through the headlines, as I gulp down my morning milk shake every day. Today I almost choked over it, when I read that in Chennai the state has submitted a bill to legalize sex at the age of 12.

Even me, who considers himself very open minded and who dares to discuss the unspoken, in all forums, was really shocked. I have always supported sex education, by the right person, in phased manner, at right time to right extent, but this is something I could never imagine in my wildest of dreams. While we are still talking about infidility, premarital sex, teenage sexcapades and virginty, here we have our legislature considering to legalize sex at the preteen age of 12 ! At any other time I would have use Kid or Child for someone 12 years, but talking In terms of sex at this age, calling them kids would be ridiculously oxymoronish.

The proposal is to legalize non penetrative sex between two consenting person of age 12 and above, with a difference of two years and this difference can be three years if the concerned are 14 years and above. What is surprising is the fact that this has been initiated by the ministry of Women and Child Health and that to with an intended motive of decriminalization of sexual exploration by kids. Even in the most advanced countries this age is 16.I agree, that children are attaining sexual maturity at an early age and are even aware of sexual issues, but giving them the freedom to indulge in sex at such an early stage, is sheer madness. The ministry seems to have absolved its responsibility and seems to be less challenged, by adding the rider of non penetrative sex.but wonder how they will define this. The memory of Delhi DPS MMS scandal is still fresh in our minds and if non penetrative sex was not sex enough, then Bill and Monika would not have achieved the global fame or notoriety that they did.

In a country where sex-education has still not become the part of curriculam, where parents hesitate to talk about sex, even with grown up children, where the discussion of sex is considered bold and avoidable, where even married couples, rarely hold hands or hug in public, where many couples, never talk about sex, where even after legalization gay couples have not attained social acceptance, and where many of my friends may not even approve of me writing this and circulating it in public,we plan to legalize sex, even if with restrictions, is a ridiculous thought. Like the mile stones of developement, the ministry should now also lay down milestones for social activities, to include, consensual non penetrative sex with someone two years older, same with someone three years older, penetrative sex with a partner of any age difference, age to vote, age to get married, age to get a government job and age to be fit to consume alcohol. A child who can travel with half ticket on buses, trains and probably even flights, who pays half at buffet meals, who is charged half in hotel occupancy, who actually still roams around in knickers will now have the right to indulge in fair amount of sexual activities, even if not all. Wonder who will do the sexual policing now, to control the ages of the concerned partners and regulate the extent of their sexual indulgence. The Oxford Dictionary too, should remove the words like kids and children and prohibit the use of tender and innocent s adjectives before them.

Wonder what the ministry wants to prove or attain by this .Is it aping the west, and going ahead of them and trying to exhibit a sign of advancement and create a facade of modernity and broad mindedness? If sense prevails, the bill will never be passed as it is, but will do a great amount of damage, just by its suggestion and consideration. Those, of this age, who did not even think of sexual indulgence, will definitely give it a thought and maybe even a try, thinking that it may be the correct thing if the law was trying to support it. The very act of framing such a bill is deplorable, and people concerned have behaved in the most irresponsible manner, not befitting the authority trusted upon them. We can rest assured that not even one percent of those indulging in such sex,will ever get married to each other and hence with one blow, this law will remove all the taboos attached to the so called sex related social evils, like experimental sex, teenage sex, premarital sex and subsequently extramarital sex and infidility.

Vatsayan would be thrilled in his grave, that his Kama sutra shall now become the text book for class seventh and he has finally succeed in making the country a free sex land sans all moralities !

Sanjay Kapoor ,Lucknow

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