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Celebrating Singledom !!!!!

QUEEN is yet another movie on a women oriented theme, emphasising Woman Empowerment!  A well made, entertaining, good movie.

The story of the movie revolves around a small town girl Rani, (hence the name Queen) from Rajouri in J & K. The girl is engaged to the son of her father’s friend, an engineering student but after he completes his studies he goes abroad and changes his mind, and calls the engagement off, on the eve of the marriage, as he feels that the girl is not of his standard. The girl is crestfallen but gets great support from her family including the grandmother and she decides to go to Paris and Amstradam, on her honeymoon tickets. There she meets and makes friends of both genders and is exposed to the outside world where she manages well and realizes that she can not only survive but be happy alone and doesn’t need the support of anyone. Roughing it out in the foreign land and learning from the new experiences, a new secure and confidant girl is born willing to take on life, without any support.

The simple story has been intelligently handled to successfully convey the message that women are complete in themselves and don’t need a man’s support to survive in today’s world. The screenplay is authentic and the dialogues are simple but effective. Plot is good except the fact that a small town girls decision to go to a foreign land alone, first time, in the depressed mood is a little unconvincing. Same theme could have been conveyed by showing her shifting to a bigger town in India for studies or job. But the movie makers choose a foreign land to narrate the movie, probably to show her interaction with foreigners and her successful survival alone in odd circumstances in Paris, where acceptance of a single woman is much more than back home in India. Kangana Ranaut has acted well and portrayed the character of Rani convincingly, more so the change from the timid simple small town belle, to a confidant single woman ready to face the man dominated,bad world bravely. The music and songs are just OK, with good and realistic acting of all the other supporting actors. Everything in the movie has been thoughtfully kept simple and moderate to ensure that the message is not lost in the gimmicks and glamour of cinematography. Direction is excellent and editing effective.

Overall , Queen is an excellent movie with a loud and bold carry home message of self pampering by woman ready to celebrate Female Singledom !

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