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SEX-The Unutterable Word : HEIGHT OF HYPOCRICY!!!!

It’s shocking to see yet another blow on freedom of expression on views and on journalism with a recent book of Wendy Dongier, titled, The Hindus: An alternative History, being banned from publication and circulation in India, by efforts of so called Hindutva-vadis. (Religion hotter than Sex-The Week,April 06,2014)

The reason being that Dinanath Batra ,a retired teacher and his team thought that the authoress had approached the Hindu scriptures with a sexual scanner. Wonder why Sex is still considered a taboo and the unutterable word. Can life ever be separated from sex? Sex forms an integral part of all living beings including humans and is a basic instinct and a normal physiological need like hunger and thirst.

Sex and sexuality can never be separated from our lives and this was very well understood by our ancestors and even the gods themselves, both being more realistic than us and less hypercritic than the so called social guardians of today. Hindu scriptures and mythology is not only replete of sex, but mentions every form of sex, from premarital and post marital, polygamy and polyandry and even gay sex. They not only practiced, enjoyed, spoke and wrote about all types of sex and sexuality but in fact actually celebrated and glorified sex…..the Shivlingam and Kamakhya Devi just a few prevailing examples.

The only way to stop the exploitation of SEX in all its form is to open up to it and to embrace it ,in its pure and unadulterated form, within the norms of society.

Prof Sanjay Kapoor ,Delhi

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