The growing lethal menace of terror has to be tackled,and that too on War Footing ( Cover Story,India Today,Dec 15,2008) Following are  few suggestions to achieve this goal,

War against terror should become a permanent international issue,with priority above finance,nuclear deal,sports,growth,etc We should realize that even though most or even all terrorists may be Muslims,this is not a Muslim verses rest of the world issue-its the world against terrorism.

The hearts of Muslims should be won,and they should be convinced that the war is against Terrorists and not Muslims.We have to take them in confidence and to motivate them to join hands in the anti terror war,as we cannot win the war without the support of the Islamic world. Do try to explore the motive behind the terrorism-if there is any!

Formation of a separate Anti Terror Council in UNO

Expansion of the Anti Terror Squads at national and state level,with well equipped,motivated,highly trained Quick Reaction Teams.

Step up vigilance and security at all levels and all places round the clock,as a routine.

Training to the common man,at school,work place and camps,for self defense and to render aid during a terrorist attack

Pressurize Pakistan and any other country,giving shelter to the terrorists to stop training camps forthwith and to destroy camps and punish terrorists in an exemplary manner which would be deterrent to others.

And to do all this on a war footing,and if results are not forthcoming then not to hesitate in going in for a war,against any country providing shelter,aid,assistance,asylum  or any form of support to the terrorists

The issue is significant,and actually a struggle not only for peaceful survival,but for survival itself,and each member of the human community has to join hands in fighting terrorism,by being vigilant,aware,cautious,and above all to avoid in any such activity,under the intoxication of fanatism!
Dr Sanjay kapoor   Lucknow

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  • The creation of a united nations anti terror cell which reports directly to the the security council, receiving inputs from interpol and having a quick response squad seems to be the need of the day.

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